Does Top Eaton County Republican Support President Trump?
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Does the top, Eaton County Republican support President Trump or his supporters?



When former Speaker of the Michigan House, Tom Leonard that was a candidate for Michigan Attorney General proudly emailed his endorsement from Trump Republicans, Senator Jones berated it, using the words "idiots" and "loser" in his reply. 


The shared post of Senator Jones' reply.



Let me point out to you that this exchange on social media is not four years ago when, Donald J. Trump was an unknown quantity to most voters; no, this was a mere 24 months ago, during the last Gubernatorial election in Michigan.


President Trump was earning the trust and support of millions of Americans approving of his America first and conservative policies.


Obviously, Senator Rick Jones did not.


This is a recent photo of all of the candidates, top Eaton County Republican, Senator Jones has advertised in his front yard. There is a major, Presidential election in a few weeks and no Republican, Trump-Pence sign is evident.


Senator Jones has a long history of saying one thing and acting another. The conservative, AFP organization ranked Michigan Senators in 2017.

Senator Jones ranked one from the basement for Republicans. Then, the scorecard records all Democrats. You can read the entire scorecard at this link. AFP Michigan Senatorial Scorecard PDF





Over 92% of Republicans support President Trump. Eaton County Republican Rick Jones seems bitterly out of step.