As we reported in detail late last year during the election cycle, Senator Rick Jones’ fundraising activities from the medical marijuana donors were tens of thousands of dollars, much of that was donated to a candidate for Eaton County Sheriff, Fred McPhail that lost in that race back in November. The link to that story here:


It now comes to our attention via The Detroit Free Press in a report that I strongly urge you to read, link here:     that Senator Jones’ activities have gone far beyond just fundraising. His very recent former Chief of Staff, Sandra McCormick has taken a job as an Executive Director of the Michigan Cannabis Development Association. Surprise, surprise!


Part of the Michigan Cannabis Development Association’s mission is to “develop” legislation that may benefit or favor members of their association and perhaps exclude others. I’m wondering whom may be tasked to approach a certain Senator that has a history of accepting donations from marijuana advocates?


How very convenient that a former Chief of Staff as mentioned earlier, may lobby her former boss for favorable legislation. We’re thinking it won’t be a tough sell. Large donation to follow. 


Here’s how Senator Jones runs his scam, folks:

 First; falsely testify in agreement to the public’s concerns how bad something is and how much you’re against it in principle.

 Second; quietly take donations from advocacy groups or individuals for the very thing you just said you were against using “open mindedness” or ignorance as an excuse when it’s  exposed.

 Third; "evolve" your position to tell the public that if the government writes very strict laws to “protect” you from this something, you’ll be fine and everyone will be “safe”.

 Fourth; when that something is made legal, place cronies and politicos in positions of authority that suggest, lobby for and control the legislative process.


There are variations but for the most part, those four, deliberate steps create what are known as “reliable donors” and very likely, a highly lucrative job when you term limit out.


This is called the circle of corruption and Senator Jones, et al, have almost perfected it.


Oh, and Executive Director of the Michigan Cannabis Development Association, Sandra McCormick, is also an Executive Officer of the Eaton County Republican Party. Go figure.